Sellers And Freelancers

Dear Buyers, Dear Sellers

Position yourself comfortable, be one of the first

Perhaps you have not even thought before that you can offer your talent or skills online. Generally accepted name for this position is a freelancer.

We’ve done great research and we know that today there is a great demand for services that we have deliberately selected for our platform.


From Well-being, Healing, Life Style, Self-Development, Business, Marketing, Graphic & Design, Tech, Programming, Art, Music to Lessons, Courses, Trainings & Advices and a lot of sub-topics.

For 100% you do have either skill or talent in above topics even if it’s in a very narrow range to help others and get paid. All in the comfort in your zone wherever you are in the glob.


We plan a very dynamic development of our platform, so decide now, in a few steps, create your GIG and be one of the first to contribute to the fulfilment of someone's dreams, needs, to improve and raise other people's standard of living. And remember, the little things matter because they are an important component of the big picture of someone else's reality and of yours too.


Share with others what you know, what you are good at or share your skills, do not waste them. And the reward will be payment in your bank account for your work and satisfaction.

Don't fight alone. Be an important part of OnlyProven's fast-growing magnificent team. And remember we always win together. So register for free now as you are most welcomed and build your independence with us wherever you are in the world. Turn your creativity into profit. Don’t let it go.

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And have fun


P.S. And remember, Together equals Success!



Steps for Sellers


1. Sing Up

2. Create your Seller profile

3. Create your GIG

4. You can offer packages

5. You can offer extras

6. You can offer custom service. Tailored service gives your clients a choice



Tips for Success


1. Your payment: encourage people with a good price, but do not underestimate the value of your services.

2. Name your GIG shortly and to the point, using keywords, your customers will be able to find you easily.

3. Creating your short video it will add a personal touch to your gig and it will add personal character to your GIG. The video should be short, max 80 seconds long.

4. Fast reply win more customers.

5. Keep customers updated throughout the process.

6. Deliver good quality work.

7. Deliver on time.

8. Communication should be clear and conducted with dignity.



Your Payment

You will receive 80% directly to your bank account, PayPal or Stripe. OnlyProven takes 20% commission fee from sellers.


Withdrawal of my earnings

How is the whole process works from placing an order to getting paid?

When the buyer places an order, pays OnlyProven. After completing the order, 80% of the funds will be assigned to your account and will remain "pending" for the 14-day billing period. These timescales are for financial service and buyer satisfaction. Then the funds will be at your disposal, ready for withdrawal.








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